What Is Worship?

Posted: May 29, 2012 in Uncategorized

How would you define worship? What is it about our church gatherings on Sunday mornings called worship? Do we worship God any other time? How? Why? I believe that if we take a close look at Scripture, the text reveals to us what the answers to these very important questions are. Worship, in its most basic sense is ascribing worth to something. For example, when we say that a person worships his new sports car as we notice how much care that person takes in washing it, waxing it, never driving it in the winter. etc. We say that person worships his car because he values it. He does not want anything to damage it or harm it. He is ascribing high value to it. God commands us to worship Him and Him alone. We are to set no idols before Him. An idol is basically something that we replace God with as our number one priority.

So, how does what we do on Sunday morning fit into this? It fits into this chiefly by our attitudes. When we go to church our hearts and our minds should be cleared from all of our distractions of our lives. We should prepare our hearts to enter in the house of God fully yearning and excited to meet our God. We should plan to leave church different than when we entered in as we are exposed to God and His Word. As we are submissive to Him and we listen attentively to His Word as it is preached, we are focusing on His Truths and seeking God’s will to reveal to us anything that needs to change in our life. Music is often thought of as “worship.” Although music is indeed a necessary part of worship, it isn’t all that it includes. Musical worship is joining our hearts together lifting our voices and our instruments to praise and glorify the Lord, singing God-centered, God-focused words of praise which honor Him and lift Him up.

But, this shouldn’t just occur on Sunday mornings. Am I saying that we should enjoin the leaders of our churches and demand that they begin to have services 7 days a week? No. What I am saying is that our worship isn’t reserved to a place. God desires and deserves our worship every moment of every day. How is this possible. Think about it for a moment. We can worship God in every decision that we make. As we seek to honor and glorify Him in those decisions, we are worshiping Him. We honor Him by putting Him first in our lives over ourselves or what may be more comfortable.


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