Posted: June 4, 2012 in Uncategorized


Some time ago I was reading Numbers 22-24 during my devotions. I am so thankful that God places such a freshness to His Word that we can pick up things that we forget or neglect. But, as I was reflecting upon these verses of Scripture it really hit me that our God is a God who desires such an intense, intimate relationship with us that He will use very creative means to do so! From a very practical, leadership perspective, this can be very helpful to us as we desire to serve God from a heart of humble obedience. How sensitive are we to God’s working in our lives? I know that we can answer all the questions about who God is and what we are supposed to be doing, but are we doing it? Is our heart right? Do our inner motivations match the outward manifestations of our lives? Does God have to resort to some creative strategies to gain an audience with us so that we finally pay attention to what He is trying to teach us? Why I mention this is for the very simple reason that in our lives things are going to get crazy. There are going to be times when we are not going to have the luxury of retreating from a situation so that we can spend an hour in prayer about a situation before we need to make a decision. We are going to need to respond right away. So, what I am trying to say? Am I telling you that you can make a rash decision without praying and hope that you do the right thing? Absolutely not! What I am saying is that our relationship with the Lord should be that we are proactive. We are constantly preparing our hearts and minds for the daily battle that we are involved in. We go before the Lord on a regular basis seeking His wisdom, strength, and Spirit to assist us as we face those challenges so that we respond in a manner that will honor Him. We seek His will as He instructs us through those situations and ask what He wants us to learn from them. Prepare your hearts in advance so that the enemy will not catch you unaware…


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