Rest In Peace

Posted: June 25, 2012 in Uncategorized
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Do we really believe that God is sovereign? I mean, do we live as though God does have everything in our lives under His control? Even if there are things in life that seem to not make any sense at all, does that make us neurotically uncomfortable?

As believers in Christ we recognize from an academic perspective that God is the Creator and Sustainer of all things (Colossians 1:16-17). But, there is so much more to this than merely assenting agreement to it as a factual statement. There is so much freedom and joy to be experienced if we walk in this truth! We live in a fallen world. It doesn’t take much thought to realize that as a result of the wickedness of this world that we are going to experience a plethora of disappointments, discouragements, unfairness, and pain. And, in contrast to what the world’s philosophies would teach, there is much to be learned even from this. God would not have us to spend all of our resources to avoid these trials. God orchestrates our trials with a purpose (James 1:2-4; Romans 8:28-30). His deepest desire is for us to lean totally on Him and seek to know Him in an even deeper and more significant way during your adversity.

This stands at odds to what we normally would believe about difficulties. James teaches us in chapter 1 that those instances that God crafts for us are used to instill steadfastness which will bring us to a richer relationship with Christ where we will enjoy sweet fellowship with Him. Not that we are to somehow enjoy the actual pain, but rather, we see it in a whole new light. We meet it face to face in the power and strength of the Lord. We are no longer intimidated by the adversity. Instead, we hold steadfastly to the power of God.

Trusting in the sovereignty of God. Trusting in the Unseen. Experiencing uneasiness due to our inability to see into the future, but limited to our finite experience of the here and now. Yet, walking in the light of knowing, actually knowing the One who sees the end from the beginning (Isaiah 46:8-10). The freedom of living a life in a world infected with evil and wickedness that often bites you like a ravid dog. The freedom of knowing that in spite of all of this, God is aware. God knows. God allows. But, God allows it for a purpose. For some reason that we may not know, these things are necessary for our growth and for us to be made like Christ. So, rejoice when you “meet” those trials fully knowing that through those times, God is fortifying you to deepen your relationship with Him. He has not forgotten you. He has not forsaken you. Rather, these are more evidences of His radical love for you.


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