The True Center

Posted: July 16, 2012 in Uncategorized

 Do you ever feel lost in attempting to figure out why particular things happen in your life? Do you ever struggle with understanding how God is going to use this particular thing for good? Are there things in your life that just plain don’t make sense? Plans, I mean, really good plans, which failed? Job promotions that went sour? Relationships that fade away? A routine doctor visit that ended up not being so routine? Random? Useless? God couldn’t possibly use these things for any kind of good…


Really… Is that really how God works? Is that really how God operates in the lives of His children? Is God capricious in His workings of His Creation?


I believe the best answer we can find is how we see God’s character lucidly portrayed in Scripture. The advantage that we possess as we read Scripture as it describes the lives of its characters is that, for the most part, we get a glimpse of the whole story. Take Job for example. We know a whole lot more about the details of this story than poor Job does. As such, if we were viewing the storyline from Job’s perspective, we may possibly believe that God was absent. Possibly, that God didn’t care at all what was happening in his life. Yet, we see a very different view of God from the reader’s perspective. We see not a distant God, but One who is faithfully present. A God who cares about every detail. A God has an ultimate purpose behind those details. A God who is sovereign.


So, how does knowing more of the character of God build trust in our life of faith in the here and now? How does knowing that God is not capricious in His dealings with us help us in our time of need? How does it assist us when it appears that nothing in our life makes sense? Trust. Faith. Understanding who God is and how He has responded in times past brings builds a foundation and a standard. We have experienced and witnessed how God has brought us through and deepened our relationship to Him historically. We can therefore place our hope and faith in Him that since He does not change (His attribute of immutability), He will continue in the present to do the same thing in this particular circumstance.


Yet, even though we experience such a wide variety of adversities and we in our finitude cannot wrap our minds around it, we must trust that God does have a purpose behind it. Mostly, the reason we cannot understand why He is doing what He is doing is a direct result of our self-absorption. We are under the impression that the world revolves around us. Therefore, if pain comes our way, our natural response is to avoid it at all costs. We cannot recognize the fact that this circumstance could possibly use pain to help us. But, you know what, He can and He does.


Something further to reflect on. Have you ever thought that there is even a bigger story being told here? I mean sure God is definitely attempting to grow us through our hardships. But, is that the ultimate big picture? I don’t believe so. I believe there is an even deeper root cause for it. I believe that He orchestrates trials in our lives to grow us, as well as to ultimately grow us to bring glory to Himself through it. The trials are a mere thread in the beautiful tapestry. The magnificent tapestry itself is the glorification of our Lord and King. As we struggle through a difficult situation, going to the Lord in prayer, seeking earnestly His guidance, direction, His will, His course of action—we grow dependent upon Him. We grow more like Him. We testify to a lost and dying world that God is real and that He does indeed care about His children. We are reflecting Him glory. We are signifying that we are not at the center. God is.


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