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Understanding Theology in 15 Minutes a Day

By Daryl Aaron

A Review


How do we know God? I mean how do we really know God? Most of us, if we are perfectly honest with ourselves don’t spend near as much time with God as we think we should. We may quietly reflect upon what a meaningful amount of time in His Word each day should look like. Perhaps how much time we need to spend in prayer. Yet, it seems as though the busyness of our lives serves as a never-ending boundary, which keeps us from achieving this goal. Why is that? Well, I am sure there are a number of reasons. Yet, the fact remains that God still wants us to know Him. How? We know Him by developing a meaningful relationship with Him. How? Mainly just as simple as developing a relationship with our fellow humans; open communication and taking the time to getting to know the true character of God by knowing and understanding what pleases Him and obeying Him. How? (You sure ask a lot of questions, don’t you?). Simply by taking the time each day to study and reflect up His Word to know who He is; His character, His attributes.

Which also brings me to Daryl Aaron’s delightful volume, “Understanding Theology in 15 Minutes a Day.” Don’t be put off by the title. I was very pleased in my reading of this book. As I did so, I found at least two very useful purposes for this work. First of all, I can see it being put to use by those who either would like a refresher of their theology. Those who have read the tomes of rich theology and would like a refresher. Also, for those who have not had the chance to read these rich treasures, but would like to benefit from the fruits of those labors, this is the book for you. Secondly, this volume could also serve as a robust resource for a devotional study to supplement a time in God’s Word each day. This book includes a brief introduction of several significant doctrines. I hesitate even to title it “introduction,” because Aaron does such a marvelous job of describing these rich doctrines so concisely and clearly that you walk away with a rich understanding of the doctrine without feeling like your head is about to explode. He doesn’t waste words and gets straight to the point, which is what I really appreciate about Aaron. On the other hand, even though he briefly describes these doctrines doesn’t mean that you walk away with a children’s rendition of theology.

No, whether you are just beginning to take the step of entering into the rich realm of theology, or if you are a veteran, I am certain that you will appreciate this small volume as I did, and that you will find a valuable resource for your devotional life or for your initial journey into getting to know God better by studying more deeply who He is and how He operates. Happy reading!

I would like to extend my gratitude to Bethany House Publishers for the free copy of the book for me to offer this unbiased, balanced review.