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Posted: July 24, 2013 in Spiritual Journey

Drought? Challenges? Discouragements? Failures? Ever think they are wasted? Why does God allow them to enter our lives? Couldn’t we be more effective for Him if we could just do what we wanted & our plans would work out just right? Well, maybe. But more than likely not. Why? More than likely, our grand plans for turning the world up side down is bathed more in self-glory than humbly attempting to glorify The Lord. God has challenged me personally in a series of spiritual droughts to really bring me to a crossroads. Do I really believe God for who He is, or do I have a presupposed idea of Him and when that doesn’t correlate with my presuppositions, I question His intentions. Why does He need to do it that way? My way seems so much better and more efficient. God challenges us in so many creative ways. It is easy to lose sight of His ever-lasting grace and love through the most difficult times. Yet, He is always there. I am still learning that and growing through that. It is so comforting to me that especially through the droughts I experience, He is still challenging me to grow even closer to Him.