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College professor trials Twitter in classroom, sees increased student engagement and improved grades. Social media benefits students, improve learning outcomes.

via Do Social Media Benefit College Students by Engaging Them in the Course Material?.


Experiencing Joy in All Things

Posted: September 1, 2013 in Spiritual Journey


How can I feel joyful when my life feels so upside-down? Sometimes it can become so easy to resign to a life of chronic discouragement with no real hope of feeling better. We become numb to our true feelings. Perhaps we even become experts at our facades of joy when our hearts are fragmented.

So, how can we lift the fog? Certainly, God does not want us to continue in this pit; at least not forever. First of all, we need to recognize, as with all things, God does have a purpose for why we are experiencing this. Take the time now to do some deep soul searching to be sensitive as to what things God may be bringing to the surface of your life right now and what He may be wanting you to do about it. Secondly, repent of any known sins that you know of and those He brings to mind right now. Cleansing of the soul will erode any boundaries that exist between you and God. Sin keeps us from experiencing deep, robust fellowship with God. It may be a reason as to why God has detoured you into this fog. He desires to get your attention. Thirdly, act upon what The Lord is revealing to you during this time. It isn’t enough to merely know what you are supposed to do. God expects obedience. Finally, relax and enjoy your position that you have in Christ. Even this time in your life is a testimony of the Lord’s care for you. If He did not care, He would just let you go on your merry way. Instead, He desires a richer, closer relationship with. What an incredible God we serve!