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Have you ever thought that you kept a secret with someone only to find out that they didn’t exactly keep their word? How did you feel? Betrayed? Embarrassed? Angry? All three? What was it about the topic of the secret that you didn’t want anyone else to know about? Have you really thought about the fact that we can’t really keep any secrets with God? He knows everything about us, even the very thoughts and motivations behind the things that we do.

As you take a spiritual inventory, don’t allow that to alarm you. Even though for the very slightest of those sins that may come to the surface, if you have a relationship with Christ, you can rest assured that He has forgiven those sins and that He desires a rich relationship with you. Yet, at the same time, He loves you too much to allow you to continue in your sins. He wants something much better for you.

Thoughts for your walk:

  1. Meditate upon all of that which causes you to fear as it pertains to the fact that God knows all things.
  2. What if your best friend knew everything about you? Do you think he or she would still be your best friend? Consider that as you meditate upon these truths this week. God does know all of our actions, words, and attitudesàeven those we do not outwardly express. Yet, He still loves us and desires an even more intimate relationship with Him. Take some time right now to praise Him for that.

Do you ever forget anything? Keys? A phone number? Someone’s name? Think about this. God does not forget anything, except those sins which we ask His forgiveness for, which He promises to banish as far as the east is from the west (Psalm 103:12).